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Ok, so first off the internet is full of dare we say, terrible sounding Halloween themed cocktails. But we don't believe in creating bad cocktails just so they fit a theme, so what we are going to do is look at ways to twist and tweak some classics to make them a bit more spooky.

Spooky twists and tweaks

So when it comes to Halloween there are some very easy things you can do to spook up some classics and the easiest way is to play with colour and garnishes.


Think about the colours of your ingredients, by swapping an item for an alternative colour version or adding a little something extra you can transform a cocktail you already love for halloween. To hit the Halloween brief we are mostly looking for oranges, greens, reds and blacks. 

  • Orange - Orange juice, orange liqueur.
  • Greens - Lime, lime juice, mint.
  • Reds - Red wine, cherry liqueur, tomato juice, cherry juice, cranberry juice, raspberry Liqueur.
  • Black - Coffee liqueur, blackberry liqueur.


By swapping out your standard garnishes you can easily turn a classic into something more spooky. Lychees and radishes make great 'eyeballs'. Other things include, halloween shaped ice cubes, decorating your glassware and even using dry ice to create fog. 

Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary already works very well for halloween. But to push up the scare factor, we'd recommend thinking about the garnishes and floating a couple of radish eyeballs is certainly the way to go. 

Black Russian

The Black Russian is another classic that lends itself well to halloween, given its dark colour. To make this one more halloweeny we'd change the glassware to something more skull like perhaps and use a bit of dry ice. 

Classic Margarita

We don't keep it a secret that Margarita is our personal favourite at Jiggr. So how could we not include it in halloween? The best way we feel to halloween-ify a classic margarita is to add a splash of red wine or sangria after the margarita has been mixed and added to the glass. This actually works best when you make a frozen margarita as the red colour stays on the top and starts to bleed through the drink nicely. 

Espresso martini

The espresso martini is a party pleaser and given its classic look there's not much more you need to do to this one to make it more scary. But this is where it get's a bit weird, for this one we'd recommend adding REAL edible bugs, instead of the classic coffee beans. Edible bugs are easily found online and will certainly make this one a terrifying experience. 

Black Martini

Our second martini suggestion, the Black Martini. T?his one is another good candidate for some eyeballs, but this time we'd use lychee, but a few squashed blackberries will add to the effect. 


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